The PH community has spoken.

In 2016, 563 people affected by pulmonary hypertension shared their voices in a major study into what it’s like to live with the serious condition. The results of the Living with PH survey, conducted by the PHA UK,  provide robust evidence about what life is like for patients and their loved ones – and what needs to change.

To download the full report into the findings of the survey, click here

The results of the Living with PH survey show just how much the condition impacts upon the lives of patients and their loved ones:

  • 60% of respondents said PH has a major impact on their overall quality of life
  • 48% of patients waited over a year after first experiencing symptoms before being diagnosed, and 40% saw four or more doctors
  • 63% said financial worries have an impact on their lives
  • 87% said their PH treatment and management has improved their overall quality of life

“This is a vital piece of research into what it means to live with PH. This report helps people to both imagine and understand the lived experience of PH from an individual’s perspective.” – Iain Armstrong, Chair, PHA UK