Patient Voices #BreathlessNotVoiceless

Grace Greene

“I’m fearful of a lot of things now”

Grace Greene, 44, lives in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. She was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006.

“Life with PH is hard and I suffer with a lot of anxiety linked to my health. The breathlessness makes me worry, as well as it being frustrating, and I feel I don’t have the confidence to travel places on my own. I’m fearful of a lot of things now, including dying.

“Getting up and down the stairs, cooking, and walking any kind of distance causes me problems. Not being able to play with my young nieces and nephews is particularly hard. Although I’m managing to work three days a week it’s getting increasingly difficult, as I get so tired. But I worry about reducing my hours, because of the knock-on impact on my finances.

“Raising awareness of PH is really important so that people understand what it is. I’d not heard of it when I was diagnosed, and it took me a year to come to terms with how serious it is. Some family and friends still don’t understand, because it’s an invisible disease, so I look quite well from the outside.”