About Pulmonary Hypertension

Specialist Centres

The UK’s eight specialist pulmonary hypertension centres are the envy of the world, and they all sit within the NHS.

Seven adult specialist centres sit within the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow, Hammersmith hospital in London, Mater Hospital in Dublin, Papworth Hospital NHS Trust in Cambridgeshire, Royal Brompton Hospital in London, Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and Royal Free Hospital in London.


In one year between April 2015 – 16, the adult centres were managing over 6,500 patients with PH.*
Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital houses the only specialist PH centre for children in the UK.

The UK’s PH service has evolved over the last 20 years into a highly-concentrated speciality service enabling cost-effective use of resources, and high-quality research due to the concentration of patient numbers.

The structure of specialist PH centres in the UK has, over this 20 years, saved the NHS millions of pounds in ensuring the right drug has been used in the right person at the right time.

For example when Viagra lost its patent, together the PH centres saved the NHS £10m overnight because of the way the service is set up. And with the prevalence of treated disease in the UK, the PH specialist service is the envy of the international PH world. The UK, and in particular the NHS, can be proud of its high-quality patient care in this disease area.

*Source: The National Audit of Pulmonary Hypertension